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ORGANS Principles

The guiding principles of the architecture are the ORGANS principles:

  • Open standards - the consent standard is published and designed to operate as an open standard ensuring that all institutions have the same approach to consent and use it interoperably.

  • Revocable - the consent is designed to be revocable at any point in time by the data subject who provided it.

  • Granular - consent needs to be provided each time data is shared data as it specifies what data has been requested, how long it will be retained and who will process it.

  • Auditable - records of all consent provided by a data subject can be retained in machine readable logs.

  • Notice - the consent will provide data subjects with notice of the purpose to which it will be put, the parties who will process it and the duration for which it will be retained.

  • Secure - the digital consent artefact is secure by design.