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Open House Sessions

DEPA Training Open House Session #1Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture (DEPA) balances data privacy with empowerment through innovation. In this first open house session on DEPA Training, understand how to use training datasets for AI model building in a transparent and privacy preserving fashion.
DEPA Training Open House Session #2Know why access to data from Indian contexts is necessary to develop AI-based systems relatable to Indians AND gives Indian innovators a distinct advantage over larger, better funded western big tech companies
DEPA Training Open House Session #3Know how DEPA embodies principles of "Regulation for AI" & "Regulation of AI" - NOT just 'Regulation of AI' which restricts innovation & growth, thereby creating the unwelcome effect of monopolisation
DEPA Training Open House Session #4Understand why India, which has the critical ingredients an AI ecosystem needs to succeed - such as data, an enabling regulatory framework, talent, compute, capital and a large market – is the ideal place for investors, researchers, AI start-ups or product companies to succeed.